4th LTTA - Sofia, Bulgaria

4th LTTA - Sofia, Bulgaria

On March 10th 2019, we went to Catania airport, we were sad to leave our families but happy to start a wonderful experience in Bulgaria,Sofia. 

We arrived after 6 hours at Sofia airport, there we met our twins after 1 year away.       It was a unique emotion! After changing our euros in ‘Leva’ we went to our twin’s home.

The next morning we woke up at 8 am, because we had go to our twins’ school. The school was more or less large, with many classrooms. There, each of us talked about our countries and schools.

The weather was changeable , sometimes it snowed and sometimes it was  sunny. The next day we went to school and we danced the typical dances of Poland, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria. That was so cool!

Every day we took the subway to go to school. There we met other Portuguese and Polish guys. They were very nice and joking, they made us feel really comfortable.

We almost always danced their typical dances and same thing as them, but the best part was when we taught our dance to them. This is so funny!

n our opinion it was a wonderful experience that we will want to do again a thousand more times. We learned that each nation has its own thoughts and way of doing things, we had a lot of fun. From Bulgaria we want to remember that it is unique place where I suggest everyone to visit. People are very helpful and kind.


119 Secondary School "Academician Mihail Arnaudov"


11 March 2019