2nd LTTA - Bragança, Portugal

2nd LTTA - Bragança, Portugal

This activity was wonderful, I met new people, new cultures and the most important I made new friends.

The first day began on Sunday night when my family and I went to welcome the two fantastic girls involved in the project. It was a bit quiet because we all were ashamed.

The next day we had the welcome reception and the presentation of the countries, cities, schools and the educational systems of each one and at the end of the morning we showed the school to our visitants. At 13.00 we had lunch at the school canteen and we had time to know each other better. In the afternoon we went to the town hall and after that we returned home where we talked about cultures.

On 17th April they attended our classes and we had a peddy paper around the city. In the afternoon we worked on the collective painting.

On the third day we visited Abade Baçal Contemporary Art Centre. After lunch we continued to do the collective painting and returned to the families. That night we had a walk around the city to feel the atmosphere of Bragança.

On 19th April we had a conference about augmented reality and we could experience that sensation which was fantastic. After lunch we visited the Castle of Bragança and the military museum. There we saw an Aura about the Domus Municipalis, a monument of medieval times then we returned to school to conclude the collective painting. then, we made the “aura” with the painting.

 At night we had the farewell dinner which was funny.

On the last day we went to Porto and we visited monuments, a Porto wine cellar and we went for a walk on boat along the Douro River.

I enjoyed a lot spending a week participating in all these activities because I made new friends and learnt a lot of new things. The experience was GREAT.


Lara Silva


Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal


16 April 2018