1st LTTA - Lentini, Italy

1st LTTA - Lentini, Italy

Bulgarian students’ diary

DAY 1      26.11 2018  

"I joined the Project “The Aura of my City” because I wanted to meet new friends and take the first flight in my life. I was so excited when I realized that I’m going to Italy! A week before the flight I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement. At the airport and during the flights both students and teachers were really kind to me because I was the youngest in the group.“ 


Ivona’s first Flight

When the day of the journey came we were eager to go to the airport and  meet the other people from the group – students and teachers. Ten minutes later we said goodbye to our parents and checked in. “I was really scared when I got on board. When the plane took off I thought I was going to pass out but I still had the courage to look out of the window and the view  was so beautiful”. Ivona

We landed in Catania at about 10:30 and even if I was tired I was excited to meet my host family. They were very kind and we had dinner together at Mcdonald’s. After the dinner we went to their big house. 


DAY 2      27.11.2018

We woke up at 6:30, we had breakfast and went to Chiara’s school. We liked it very much. We met other students from our host’s classes and they looked more nervous than us. One of the boys – the most courageous , came closer to us and asked us about our names. Then all the students came and talked to us. After the class finished we were invited in the acting hall, where the Headmaster  greeted us and then we each team presented their country, city and school. After that we visited the school and after the lunch we we went to Benevento Palace in Lentini. In the evening we played bowling with the host families.


DAY 3    28.11.2018

After we had breakfast we went to the biggest volcano in Italy – Etna.it was really gorgeous and a bit fearful. We bought some souvenirs and went back to Catania to have lunch and we were taken on a sightseeing tour in the city. We had some free time and our group went shopping. In the late afternoon we went back to our host families. As we were exhausted we went to bed. 

DAY 4  29.11.2018

We got up early as usual and have breakfast. We stayed the whole day in Lentini. There was a guided tour in the town, we visited the museum and saw a lot of street paintings. Our hosts explained us that those paintings were done by homeless people. We were a happy international group of children of different age, walking in the streets of Lentini.                                                                                                                                           

”We visited an old monastery and the view of the town was breathtaking.” Petar 

In the afternoon we had a workshop in the school.


DAY 5       30.11.2018

Another interesting day that we will not forget – a visit of Syracuse. We visited some archeological sites, the Rome museum and a cave. There were a lot of bats inside the cave and some were a bit afraid but Ivona found it really beautiful and cool. 

We also ate some natural ice cream that was delicious - melting in your mouth. Again tired but very happy. 

Back to school we also had a quiz about the cultural heritage of Sicily and its history. Our team got third. 


DAY 6      01.12.2018

Our last day in Lentini! We visited an Orange Processing Warehouse.


DAY 7 02.12. 2018 

We got up really early because we had to leave our hospitable hosts and the beautiful town Lentini. We had an unforgettable experience in Italy, we made new friends and dream to meet each other again. We are looking forward to seeing them in Bulgaria!

 Back in Sofia!


IV Instituto Comprensivo G. Marconi


27 November 2017