3rd LTTA - Piaseczno, Poland

3rd LTTA - Piaseczno, Poland

The meeting was held in Poland from 7th October to 13th October 2018. We hosted 6 teachers and 12 students from Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal. It was the third LTTA meeting, the previous ones were held in Italy and Bulgaria.

We were very happy to host participants from the schools which take part in the project. 

We started with the official part, in which our headmaster and representatives of our local authorities took part. The students presented their schools and countries, we were also very interested to hear about educational systems in their countries. Later on we pepared a decoupage workshop, all the participants were able to make their own souvenir from Poland - a nice wooden box decorated with Polish folk motives.

During the following days we concentrated on showing our coulture and history. We organisated the day trips to Warsaw - the Old Town was our major interst. Polish students were responsible for presenting Warsaw monuments to our guests, they all pepared speeches about crucial places of interest. The Old Town, the Royal Route and Łazienki park were the places which our guests visited first. We also visited the modern part of our capital - the Copernicus Centre ( a very interesting science place ), Warsaw University and Palace of Culture.

We also decided to show our nearest town - Piaseczno. It has quite an interesting history and we showed the remains of Juwish history, 16th century history and some modern and contemporary places. We went to Konstancin, a town called garden, with beautiful villas and one of the kind graduation tower. In Piseczno the students could gather the materials for our app - HP Reveal, the materials which will be used to make a virtual and printed guidebooks about our town - Piseczno.

On the last day we ended our meeting with a Farewell party, the parents prepared the food and were happy to see all the students. We could talk about the time spent together.

All the participants, including Polish parents, said that it was an amazing time and they would always remember it. The students and the teachers made lifetime friendships.


Szkola Podstawowa w Nowej Iwicznej


08 October 2018