The aura of my city

A Erasmus+ (KA2) project

The project

The world changed. The tools have changed. This change brought with it new professions, extinguishing others. These new professions require new skills, skills for the 21st century, namely ICT, communication, collaborative work, analysis ... The acquisition of these skills has become one of the main challenges of the coming times, not only for our students, but also for our teachers and schools.
At the moment we are at a turning point in terms of relations between countries and between the people from different countries, with different backgrounds and cultures. All around the world, the intolerance and fear of the other seem to increase and those values are contrary to the European ideal. 


Here you can find some tools that we use and / or produce during our project


In the development of our proto, we used as main tool the HP Reveal application (formerly called Aurasma). With it, we construct the various auras, objects of augmented reality.

HP Reveal Manual

Here you can find an HP Reveal user manual, written by the partners during the project.
- Българска версия   . PDF .eBook
- Versione italiana      . PDF  eBook

- Versão Portuguesa   .PDF eBook
- Wersja polska           .PDF .eBook
- English version         .PDF  eBook

Touristic Guide

Here you can find the tourist guide with the indications of the auras of the different cities:

- Sofia, Bulgaria             пътеводител
- Lentini, Italy                Guida
- Piaseczno, Poland       Przewodnik
- Bragança, Portugal      Guia
    See how it works (full)

Diary of the LTTA

Diaries written by the students about their participation in the ltta's of the project.

. Bulgarian diary      .PDF   eBook
. Italian diary            .PDF   eBook
. Polish diary            .PDF   eBook
. Portuguese diary    .PDF  eBook

"Auras" of my city

Try some of the "auras" produced throughout the project by the students in the partner schools.

- Download the application "HP Reveal"
- Create an account
- Search (magnifying glass) "thearuaofmycitytest"
- Select the channel "thearuaofmycitytest"
- Select "Follow"

- Select an image
- Click the image
- Point your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to the on-screen image

Wait for the "aura" to start and see the content

Tap the screen on your mobile device to see more content.

(Note: All auras are seen on the spot. These are only samples.)

Augmented reality in the classroom

Here you will find lesson plans and examples of the use of augmented reality in the classroom context.


For the execution of the project, the following activities were planned and developed:

- 4 LTTA (Learning, Training and Teaching Activities)
- 3 TPM (Transnational Project Meetings)


Dissemination of the project at the III Meeting of Good Educational Practices, in Bragança, on September 6 and 7, 2018.


"This was the best week of my life!"


Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal
IV Instituto Comprensivo G. Marconi
Szkola Podstawowa w Nowej Iwicznej